Position: Clinic Manager

Job Classification: Exempt

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer


  • Bachelor’s degree or educational/work equivalent
  • Knowledge/experience with medical record charting and using medical terminology
  • Ability to communicate effectively and manage conflict when necessary
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of healthcare facility management
  • Knowledge of computer Microsoft Office and Adobe Software Applications


  1. Supervise clinical and support staff/volunteers including but not limited to nurses, pharmacy technicians, and receptionists
  2. Ensure adequate staff/volunteers are available for medical clinics. This includes provider, medication, injection, and counseling schedules
  3. Maintain medical provider schedules to ensure patients are schedule for appropriate time slots and in accordance with medical providers’ licenses, specialties and preferences
  4. Oversee implementation of clinic budget in regards to lab/x-ray, medication, and medical supply expenditures
  5. Manage the mobile clinic in Beloit, including maintaining the provider schedules and serving as a liaison between Beloit Health System and HealthNet
  6. Serve as electronic medical record system administrator to ensure each individual has proper system credentials and orientation training, troubleshooting errors, and creating templates/forms in the system
  7. Overseeing the PAP application process for patients, delegating PAP applications to staff/volunteers, and managing the PAP application electronic software
  8. Overseeing patient advocacy, especially in the areas of lab, vision appointments, or consults that patient undergo at outside facilities
  9. Oversee annual patient enrollment process and ensure patient enrollment eligibility compliance
  10. Answer questions and address patient concerns regarding HealthNet policies and procedures
  11. Maintain clinic state/federal compliance requirements.
  12. Assist with medication room activities as approved by Pharmacist.
  13. Assist with report generating and outreach activities on behalf of the Medical Clinic
  14. Work with other medical facilities, pharmacies, and other entities to receive donations of medications, services, and other supplies
  15. Ensure federal and state compliance in regards to clinic safety procedures
  16. Maintain clinic policies and update as necessary.
  17. Leading HealthNet’s medical clinics efforts for community engagement, including, but not limited to Medication Take Back Days.
  18. Other duties requested by the CEO

Hours Scheduled: 40 hours per week

If you are interested in the position, please send your resume and a statement of interest to ceo@healthnet-rock.org.