With Gov. Scott Walker at the signing of Assembly Bill 270 in April 2014. The bill allows additional providers in the volunteer health care provider program and adds proof of financial responsibility and malpractice insurance requirements for certain advanced practice nurses serving as volunteer health care providers.

HealthNet of Rock County, Inc. opened in 1994 as the result of a needs assessment completed by the Salvation Army in 1993. This assessment identified a lack of affordable health care as one of the major problems of Rock County. HealthNet of Rock County is a free clinic serving Rock County individuals who have no health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or Medical Assistance.

Many of HealthNet’s patients have serious chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and/or asthma. When individuals prolong treatment or choose not to seek care because of the fear associated with incurring debt from medical bills, the community suffers in the loss of productive employees, consumers, parents, and healthy members of the community.

Furthermore, when low-income and uninsured individuals utilize the Emergency Department for primary health care, out-of-pocket medical expenses leave many individuals and families bankrupt.

In 2010 HealthNet was at its absolute maximum capacity and, as a result, the organization began to limit the number of new enrollments to five patients per week. Prior to limiting enrollment HealthNet was enrolling 30 to 40 new patients each week!

HealthNet of Rock County has more than doubled in size and services over the past five years. The organization expanded its clinic by 40% to address the demand. HealthNet doubled the number of exam rooms, created a medication dispensing area, and built a new space for the nursing staff and volunteers.

In addition, HealthNet made major changes to its lighting system, air conditioner, walls and floors. An ADA-compliant bathroom was installed, as were an air handler and an updated our security system. Renovations were completed in early 2011.

  • Provided over 23,567 prescriptions worth an estimated $2 million to prevent health care crisis situations. (Pharmaceutical companies generously donate the majority of HealthNet’s prescription inventory)
  • Completed 32% of treatment plans established at the dental clinic.
  • New dental clinic patients receive treatment plans on their first visits which includes all services needed.
  • Reduced the number of ER visits for 74% of our patients that consider HealthNet their medical home.
  • Enrolled patients into the BadgerCare Core Plus program or placed them on the appropriate waiting list.
  • Implemented a new policy for patients to verify that they are uninsured by providing a denial letter from the State program. This ensures that HealthNet is complying with contract requirements and that there is no duplication of service.
  • Increased the number of volunteer hours by 50% over the last two years.

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